Sponsor Spotlight: Adecco

By Anita Saville, June 2017

Adecco, our newest corporate sponsor, prides itself on the relatively long time its 34,000 employees work for the company. The average employee has been there for more than 12 years. Job tenure for the average American is 4.2 years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This statistic is important because Adecco is in the staffing business and because that industry is relatively transitory. It’s also important because the company works hard to create a family atmosphere that keeps its employees happy. That’s no small feat when you have 5,100 locations in 60 countries. But supporting community initiatives where employees live helps a lot, says Kevin McLeod, CEO of Entegee, an

Adecco division headquartered in Burlington, MA.

Helping Disadvantaged Families 

Through Adecco’s Win4Youth program, employees across the company participate in local sporting events to rack up donation points. Adecco turns these points into contributions to groups that help disadvantaged children and families throughout the world.

Closer to home, employees of Entegee, which places engineering and other technical professionals, use their skills to design and build sports fields, which they then donate to local towns. A recent example is Hanover, MA. Entegee became a sponsor of Budget Buddies when Entegee Comptroller and Budget Buddies Treasurer Sarah Ihugo introduced McLeod to our organization.

“I liked the idea of helping communities and groups we had not supported before,” McLeod says. “Budget Buddies is a great complement to Adecco’s other outreach projects.”

A Good Investment

Ihugo, who has served on the Budget Buddies board since 2013, has her own reasons for getting involved.

“Millennials like me are spread thin, with too many things to do and too little time and money to do them,” she says. “When we do offer our time, money, talent, and networks, we expect a return on that investment. When I think about investing my time and money, it makes sense to use it for Budget Buddies. The women in our programs flourish into contributing members of the community and become a new resource for other members.”


Sponsor Spotlight: Santander

By Claire Barrett, March 2017

Budget Buddies has big plans for growth. But we’ll need many more workshop presenters to reach our goals. In the past year Santander Bank has become a valuable growth partner. In addition to supporting our work through its Charitable Contributions Program, the bank has sent several new presenters our way as we expand into new communities like Nashua and Haverhill. 

Santander is one of the largest retail banks in the United States. Its parent company, Santander Group, serves more than 100 million customers in the United Kingdom, Latin America, and Europe.

Creating Healthy Economic Opportunities

Santander promotes financial education in the communities it serves, helping individuals learn basic banking and budgeting skills and transition into the workforce or college. Santander believes in supporting healthy economic opportunities for its customers, says Angel Burgado, Community Partnership Manager at Santander in Boston

“Our work to socially and economically empower those around us helps create a stronger community,” Burgado notes. In addition to helping Budget Buddies, Santander delivers its own in-person financial education courses and offers an online education platform (https://santander.realfinance.com/).

Walking the Walk

“The world’s a better place when we all make an effort to do the little things that drive real change,” Burgado adds. “This conviction extends to our colleagues, whom we empower to ‘walk the walk’ through a variety of corporate programs that encourage community service, charitable giving, and volunteering. As a result, we spend thousands of volunteer hours every year helping our neighbors, fellow citizens, and communities.”

“Santander responded enthusiastically to our plans for growth,” says Budget Buddies Executive Director Anita Saville. She notes that the bank has provided presenters for workshops on budgeting, credit, and fraud in programs at the Greater Lawrence Community Action Council, Fina House at the YWCA of Greater Lawrence, Emmaus in Haverhill, and Front Door Agency in Nashua.

“Santander is proud to support the important work that Budget Buddies is doing with low-income women in Eastern MA,” Burgado says. “Providing coaching, mentorship, and financial workshops that help those facing the exceptional financial challenges of overcoming poverty, homelessness, and domestic abuse aligns with the bank’s mission of making managing day- to-day finances simple, personal and fair.”


Sponsor Spotlight: Tyco Security Products

By Emily Kay and Denise Boyd, March 2016

Last December the Women’s Growth Network (WGN), sponsored by Westford-based Tyco Security Products, invited Budget Buddies to share its space at the Massachusetts Conference for Women – and a lasting partnership was born.

WGN_Logo_final“The mission of WGN is twofold: to empower women and make a difference within our community,” says Anita Santos, Tyco’s vice president of marketing. “Budget Buddies’ mission aligns with the WGN, and it was a logical fit with The Mass. Conference for Women.”

“The December event was an ideal venue for recruiting new coaches,” says Katie Neville, Budget Buddies’ volunteer coordinator and business manager. “The women who stopped by our booth motivated, non-judgmental, socially aware, and eager to pay it forward.”

Advancing Women in Business

Tyco sees its Women’s Growth Network as a global business initiative that champions the value, growth, and advancement of women in the company. With women counseling others who are climbing the business ladder — and several Tyco employees working as Budget Buddies coaches — the firm’s approach is a perfect complement to our mentoring philosophy.

“Tyco believes our commitment to our female workforce results in a more innovative and financially healthier company,” said Mike Ryan, president of Tyco Security Products. “We’re pleased to support innovative efforts of organizations with similar missions, and we’re proud that the Women’s Growth Network is taking an active part.”

Spreading the Word

Budget Buddies Conference teamTyco’s generous offer to host us at the women’s symposium gave us a special opportunity to network with like-minded folks throughout the commonwealth and beyond.

“The conference was a great way to spread the word about Budget Buddies’ mission and ongoing programs,” says Program Coordinator Katie Stoll.

Jayne Mattson, a long-time Budget Buddies presenter, made it her mission to network with as many exhibitors as possible.

“I connected with people from many other mission-driven non-profits,” Mattson says. “All kinds of possibilities can grow from those conversations.”

Neville notes that potential volunteers as far away from our Merrimack Valley base as Melrose learned about Budget Buddies, and several women from out of state expressed interest in our approach. We also sparked enthusiasm among several bilingual women, who are critical in making our services more accessible to Spanish-speaking buddies.

“This wouldn’t have happened without our participation at the conference,” Neville adds.


A Word About Our Sponsors

We’ve been fortunate to have help in building our program from the following business partners:

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Our progress would not have been possible without this assistance. We hope you will consider supporting these enterprises — or becoming a sponsor of Budget Buddies yourself. For more information, please Contact Us.