Mission and Vision

We seek to promote financial literacy and confidence among low-income women.

We envision a world in which all women are financially empowered.


Budget Buddies seeks to reduce the disproportionate number of women and women-headed families who live on the economic margins. Working with low-income women who are aspiring to transition from a life of dependence to a life of empowered independence, we help the graduates of our program gain the confidence and skills to improve their lives and the lives of their families through greater economic stability, sustained employment, increased educational opportunities, and better housing security.

Our short-term goals include an increase in direct-service by up to 50% in FY2017 and the launching of the Budget Buddies Affiliate Network — efforts that together will triple the number of individuals we serve.

In the longer term, we envision the successful implementation of our replication model, which will allow the Budget Buddies financial education program to reach low-income women across Southern New England. Working with partner organization devoted to helping the homeless and under housed, people in need, elders, immigrants, and others in low-income neighborhoods, we will continue to maximize the resources of local volunteers and well-established community services to provide complimentary programming that ensures our program participants have the skills and support they need to sustain long-term financial self-sufficiency.


Watch Founding Mother Anita Saville present Budget Buddies’ pitch at the 2016 Social Innovator Showcase:



  • Treat everyone with the respect we want for ourselves.
  • Always put our buddies and volunteers first.
  • Bring passion and compassion with us every day.
  • Value our own ideas and share them freely.
  • Make the growth of Budget Buddies part of our own growth.
  • Bring out the best in ourselves to bring out the best in others.
  • Meet new challenges with energy, innovation, and enthusiasm.
  • Make empowering women part of everything we do.