Our Program Partners

We partner with local social service agencies and customize our program to their needs. Since launching Budget Buddies in 2010, we have implemented 50 customized programs in partnership with 25 community agencies.

Strong partnerships between Budget Buddies and the organizations we work with create strong programs that yield outstanding outcomes.

We believe in collaboration, cooperation, and open communication between our staff, volunteers, buddies, and our partners. Input from our partners is essential to a Budget Buddies program, because you know your clients best. If you believe that the women you serve would benefit from the financial empowerment and self-esteem building workshops and coaching that Budget Buddies offers, please contact our Executive Director, Anita Saville at a.saville@budgetbuddies.org.


A Few Words from Our Partners

“Budget Buddies has been a key component of our programming for many years as they encourage our residents to challenge their perceptions about money. We have seen many shelter residents experience eureka moments when they first realize that they have some control over their financial futures. Budget Buddies can be successful where shelter staff cannot because homeless heads of households are matched to mentors who have no other roles or authority other than to help residents discuss the value, meaning, and function of money in their lives – which becomes the foundation of change and empowerment.”

  • Deborah Chausse, Executive Director, House of Hope

“Your core curriculum and the individual attention that your coaches give to the women in the program have been phenomenal and have been essential in making sure that our families have every opportunity to be successful. We were thrilled when one of our families included a graduate of your program! She seems much more confident in her ability to succeed and also much more knowledgeable of the options involving her finances and her credit. We look forward to offering your program to many more potential homeowners. No matter what, they win with your program and will be able to apply what they’ve learned in every part of their lives.”

  • Brenda Gould, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell